Due to infection control reasons in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer blood pressure checking facilities in the waiting rooms at both Cuckfield and the Vale.  

However, we recognise the importance in ensuring our patients are on the appropriate doses of medication to be effective at controlling their blood pressure.  Due to the demand for appointments and again infection control measures, it is not possible to offer nurse appointments for blood pressure checks. 

As a result, we are suggesting that patients who are on medications for high blood pressure to consider investing in a home blood pressure machine.  These can be used to help with regular monitoring of blood pressure, helping to ensure that your blood pressure is treated to the recommended targets and that you are on the correct dose of medication.

Home blood pressure machines can be purchased from local pharmacies, or on-line, and cost from as little as £20. We would recommend using one with an upper arm cuff as opposed to a wrist monitor.  In surgery we use the OMRON branded machines but most pharmacies offer a wide range of machines and own brands which would be appropriate.

Please also see the home monitoring template which you can download by clicking HERE and record your measurements to send back to us.  Ideally we would have a reading at least 6 monthly.