Register With The Surgery

Before you register:

Patients must live within our Practice Area. To see our Practice Area please click here

You can also check your postcode to make sure you are within our area please click here

We are a dual site practice so patients need to be aware appointments may not always be available at their preferred site and they need to be able to attend both sites (addresses on contact page). Patients can express a preference to see a specific clinician and we encourage this to continue to provide continuity of care. Sometimes there may be a wait to see that person for a routine appointment and if it is more urgent we would ask that you see an alternative clinician so as not to delay your care.

Patients aged 16 years old or older are medically considered adults and need to complete an adult registration.

To register you can either download the application form(s) below or request a copy by e-mail on or by telephone on 01444 458738.

Currently due to COVID we are limiting the number of people entering the building to ensure safety, so please do not come to the Practice to collect a registration pack.

There is no regulatory requirement for adults to prove their identity, address, immigration status or the provision of an NHS number. However, there are practical reasons why we ask for proof of ID, so that we can be assured that people are who they say they are or to check where you live, so if you can provide the ID documentation this will help with the process.  If the Practice suspects a patient of fraud, for example using fake ID, we will hand the matter over to the local NHS counter-fraud specialists.

For children under 16 years of age there is a regulatory requirement to see identity, this could be a birth certificate, passport or the red immunisation book issued at birth (in the UK).

For adults we can accept the following as proof of identity:

Please choose ONE from EACH of the following lists:

LIST A (Proof of ID)

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • National Ins Card
  • Birth Certificate

LIST B (Proof of Address)

  • Paid utility bill/Official change of address
  • Local Authority rent card
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Wage slip

Registration Forms

As a new patient you will need to complete a GMS1 Form AND a Registration Form for each adult and child registering at the Practice.

The GMS1 Form, Adult Registration Form and Child Registration Form are PDF files and will need to be printed, completed and then returned by post to Cuckfield Medical Practice, Glebe Rd, Cuckfield, RH17 5BQ or by email to or delivered by hand through the letterbox at either Cuckfield Medical Practice (address above) or at The Vale Surgery, Bolding Way, Haywards Heath, RH16 4SY. Please do not come into the Practice to hand in registration forms.

Information about your health and care helps us to improve your individual care, speeds up diagnosis, plan your local services and research new treatments. You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning. Consent for this is included as a section in the Registration Form but please also read the Summary Care Record – Additional Consent Form for further information.

NOTE: If you are already registered as a patient and have not given consent for a Summary Care Record previously but would like to now, please download and complete the Summary Care Record – Consent form OR if you have previously given consent for medications, allergies and adverse reactions only but would now like to include additional information, please download and complete the Summary Care Record – Additional Information form.

Consent to Proxy Access to GP online services (over 16 years old only) gives someone else (relative, carer, etc) access to your online account. This person does not have authority to view your notes, ask about your care or make decisions on your behalf but they can make an appointment and request medication for you via their online services. If you consent to giving access to another person please print out and complete the Consent to Proxy Access Form (PDF Form). Please send your completed copy by email or it can be dropped off into one of the boxes at the front of either Cuckfield Medical Practice or The Vale Surgery with your registration forms/documents.


Click here to download the GMS1 Form

Click here to download the Adult Registration Form

Click here to download the Child Registration Form

Click here to download the Summary Care Record Consent Form

Click here to download the Summary Care Record – Additional Consent form 

Click here to download the Consent to Proxy Access Form

Click here to download the Temporary Registration Form