Flu Clinics

All patients over 65 or in ‘at risk’ groups are strongly encouraged to attend for a flu vaccination on a yearly basis. Children ages 2, 3 & 4 will be offered the vaccine via a nasal spray.

Flu Clinics are held on Saturdays during flu season (usually October). These clinics are widely advertised, online and via posters in local areas, but we no longer send out individual letters.

A vaccination against pneumonia is also offered at the Flu Clinic. This is a one-off vaccination which offers life-long protection and is also available throughout the year.

We are aware that the Government announced today (24th July 2020) via news media, that there will be a change to the eligible patient cohort for the flu vaccination and that patients aged 50 and over will now be eligible.  We are still awaiting official confirmation and guidance about this from NHSE including where the additional vaccines will be sourced from.