Foreign Travel / Private Vaccination

Travel Clinics, for patients registered with our Practice, are run by our Practice Nurses. If you are contemplating a foreign trip, contact the surgery well in advance of your departure date for advice about vaccinations to ensure we can accommodate you. We require our patients to initially fill in a travel questionnaire for each person

Flu Clinics

All patients over 65 or in ‘at risk’ groups are strongly encouraged to attend for a flu vaccination on a yearly basis. Children ages 2, 3 & 4 will be offered the vaccine via a nasal spray. Flu Clinics are held on Saturdays during flu season (usually October). These clinics are widely advertised, online and

Extended Access Clinics

We provide additional clinics from 7.30am on a Wednesday morning at our Cuckfield site. Saturday morning clinics have proved popular and are aimed for patients who find it difficult to get to the practice during the normal weekday because of other commitments.  For some time now we have been working collaboratively with our colleagues at

Dermatology – Cryotherapy

We provide a Cryotherapy service which is suitable for some small lesions such as troublesome sun damage and involves a controlled freeze using liquid nitrogen. This can only be provided at The Vale because of the requirements of storing liquid nitrogen. If you have had this treatment previously and feel it may be required again please

Counselling and Time to Talk

The TIME TO TALK service provides talking therapies (psychological therapies – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, counselling, and guided self-help) to help patients understand and change their thoughts and feelings to get well and stay well. Patients who need support from the Community Mental Health team have the opportunity to see their Community Psychiatric Nurse

Chronic Disease Management

Patients registered at the Practice with a chronic disease including Asthma, COPD (Chronic Lung Disease), Diabetes and Chronic Heart Disease are invited to attend an annual review for a full check-up and assessment of their condition. These clinics aim to offer advice and support, and ensure that patients are receiving the maximum benefit from their

Child Immunisations

We are committed to a policy of preventive medicine and therefore encourage all parents to make sure their children are up to date with their vaccinations. You will be invited to attend the surgery when vaccinations are due. Click here for the NHS recommended schedule

Cervical Smear Programme

The Practice cervical smear programme, with co-operation of the Health Authority, has been running for many years. Your cervical smear status is closely monitored and you will be contacted when you are due for a smear. If you are aged 25-49 you will be called every 3 years, 50-65 you will be called every 5

Private Fees

Non-NHS Fees and Charges Why fees are charged for some services NHS services are provided free of charge to our patients under our General Medical Services contract and the NHS covers the cost of providing these services. However, some additional services are not available under the NHS and are not paid for by NHS funding. 

Overseas Visitors

Healthcare Entitlement for Overseas Visitors Patients from overseas are not always entitled to free NHS treatment. To establish whether or not they are entitled the following criteria should be checked: Patients should be ordinarily resident which means you are going to be living in the UK for at least 6 months. Patients must be able