Phlebotomy & INR Monitoring

Our Health Care Assistants and Phlebotomy team offer a blood taking service at both the Cuckfield and Vale Practice sites.  Appointments are available on a daily basis to have your blood tests taken.  These appointments must be before 2pm as otherwise they are not collected in time and transported to the hospital.  We are only able to offer blood testing for requests that have been raised by the practice.  If the hospital have asked you to have blood tests and provided you with a form we would ask that you have this taken in the phlebotomy department at the Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath Monday – Friday 8:30am until 4:30pm.

We also provide anti-coagulation monitoring appointments for patients prescribed Warfarin.  At the time of your appointment you will be provided with information on your future doses of Warfarin and when to make an appointment for your next test.